img arose out of a need. From the need of artists who want to do the work they are passionately attached to. The only need for artists who had to sell their work and who had to leave their production processes and spend time in areas such as marketing and logistics was a platform that would help them in this field and bring their products to art lovers not only in their own country but also all over the world. At Hedgport, we worked for two years to meet their needs, helping our artists to showcase their products on social media and marketplaces such as Etsy and meet with the buyer. Now we offer them a platform where they can feel even more comfortable and as we showcase their work.

Our Goal?

If you've seen the artists we've worked with and their work, there's not much to say. That was our aim, to bring you together with them. It can be said that preserving the brand values of the manufacturers we work with, marketing their products, executing the logistics processes and delivering these products to you, i.e. handmade lovers, in the fastest and best way is a summary of our entire story.

Are we Experienced?

Judging by the over seven hundred international packages we've sent and the hundreds of five-star reviews we've received over the past two years, we've finally learned to do it. We just wanted to build a platform of our own, a space where we can be more free, free from hundreds of copies of the same product, where producers don't have to pay to sell their products, where customers can ask the artist for anything.