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Here is a new place where the Art is affordable. Where you can find handmade art from many different artists, where you shouldn't be afraid about delivery. We studied our lesson very well to give you a seamless experience.

Discover the New Wall Skateboard Collection

A collection fully hand-painted with eternal imagination.

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Hedgehog Art's Sculpture Collection

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Pop Art Ceramics

Combining the mud it shaped with minimal designs, Hedgehog Art ceramics are great to have on tea time.

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Featured collection

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Metal Wall Clocks

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  • What is our goal?

    The main goal of Hedgport is giving Artists a full service of international marketting, logistics and Brand awarness campaing. In Hedgport buyers should always rely on one seller. We do not bother Artist's with creating their listings, optimizing google friendly descriptions and such, we do that for them.

  • Trust

    Since we, Hedgport bearing all logistics and shipping operation, you never need to worry about whether the Artist you bought from is experienced seller or not.

  • Wanna ask in person?

    As Hedgport, our live support is always ready to talk. Your problem could be either a customization or wholesale request. We are always ready.

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